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The Space Slugs Galaxy Guide

Crag: Planet Crag is a swamp world inhabited primarily by amphibious species. The local warlords employ lizard men to do their strong-arming, but outside the single spaceport and Cantok Palace the planet has little to offer besides mud and swamp gas.

Cyrrus 2: A party planet and training ground for artists in any media. The place is rumored to be a favorite vacationing spot for talent scouts and agents, who most likely are all lounging in the triple suns of Mercur Omega drinking Martain tequila and not thinking about who they’ll “discover” next.

Mercur Omega: Designated planetary sanctuary, a few elite resorts have managed to wiggle through the red tape and gain a foothold on Mercur Omega where the three suns keep a steady, balmy temperature and the multitude of photosynthetic flora and fauna thriving. The oceans on the sunny planet are unrivaled in beauty or bio-diversity.

Oltron galaxy: Listed as unfriendly. Save your pennys for a vacation on Mercur Omega instead. Trust me.

Eclipsis: Not listed on any known galactic chart. Considering the source, probably a fictitious world.

Damascus: The Damascan home world was originally nothing more than a swirling ball of primordial ooze. As the parasitic natives progressed through more and more evolved hosts, they adopted technologies to convert most of the planet to more habitable conditions. Damascan culture is based on order and “toeing the line,” and their architecture and terra-forming illustrates that fact in perfect, tidy form.

            Damascus Prime, the capitol city, is divided into two equal halves by the river, Severage.

Clone Planet: Listed as uninhabited or sparsely inhabited and we’d like to keep it that way, thanks. There’s nothing to see here folks, move along.

Alien Races:

Toad cabbies (They all seem to be toads, don’t they?)

Lizard men

Bomorians (tentacled or without)

Teiron(rare variety) from Oltron galaxy

"Gorilla" body guard, big hairy, race unnamed

Space Stations:


We've also visited an undesignated station feeding tourists to Zander’s Xeno-zoological adventure

Slug One

Light, planetary cruiser