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Definitions, Lingo and Slug Slang

Alien-Human Relations department:
      Somewhere in the bowels of every Gen-fed space station lies the Alien-Human Relations department. Rumor has it the mandate to provide the facility had more to do with a lack of meaningless, low paying employment than an actual need for the services. As far as we can tell the Aliens and Humans are getting along just fine for the most part.

Centarian Cymbal:
       A Centarian musical instrument that relies on gravity to bring two metal disks the size of small moons into sudden, abrupt contact.

Damascan Treaty, article 654B section 3
       The Damascan treaty regulates the interaction between the native, Damascan population and the rest of the galaxy. Article 654B section 3 specifically states that none of the Damascan species shall ever leave the home world for any reason.

Earth Burger: Trademark, spherical sandwich produced in quantity by any number of Jebeezel's restaurants scattered across the universe.

Farah’s Frond and Feather: Elite beauty salon, originally founded on Cyrrus 2, but now opening franchises to serve all corners of the galaxy. Coming soon to a space station near you.

"fry weave, a thunder shake and a side of Martian holo-relish:" Zora's standard side order at Jeb's. The fry weave is a Jebeezels original invention, and chefs from each chain battle to create more elaborate and convoluted signature, potato constructs.

Gal-fed/Gen-fed: The ambiguous governing organization in the galaxy. Originally this was supposed to be Gen-fed, and somewhere in the text it shifted to Gal-fed. Fear not, in the rewrites it will shift back to Gen-fed and all will be well. Confused? Eh, it's a rough draft, folks.

Galactic Geographic: Completely unbiased and philanthropic periodical portraying the wonders and horrors of the galaxy and beyond. :-)

Gasmic: It's a drug, okay. I'm not going into what it does. Figure it out.

Gen-ish: The common language. I got this right the first time out. Hence, it should have been Gen-fed not Gal-fed. I mean, Gal-ish just sounds wrong.

Giant Teringian Beetles: Seriously big bugs. These might show up later. I kind of like bugs. Should they be harmless, venomous or just shoot a really nasty smelling spray of something? I'm open to ideas.  

Glow Gin: It's gin, and it glows. mmm mm.

Haley's Tail: Up and coming, superstar rock band. The drummer was, in fact, not sweet on Murray. He and the Cymbal player had a liaison with Zora that shall go unwritten--but it happened.

IRC- The Institute for Robotics and Cybernetics: These guys used to be into clones in a big way. Now they do nanites, cybernetic implants and research--lots of research.

ISPCA: Intergalactic Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A powerful and widely feared ally.

Jebs: Jebeezel's "home of the Earth Burger"

Lucid-Max: A drug that enhances awareness. Like, I can see the nuclei in your cells, man.

Macro plankton: Any number of species of plankton larger than two inches in length. Most are phosphorescent, and some display bio-electric capability.

Marble: A nasty term for any Damascan native.

Martian fox: The Martian fox is an ordinary, dull brown creature that slinks around the edge of civilization and is usually ignored. During mating season, however, the foxes exhibit enough bio-electricity to power a small star-drive. The blinking of the male foxes has been known to cause electrical flares and power surges in some smaller Martian cities where hunting "those damned flashing dogs" has become a seasonal sport.

Martian tequila: Tequila, good. Martian Tequila, better.

Motor function inhibitor: A device keyed to each cybernetic body inhabited by a native Damascan and able to completely or partially immobilize them. Did you notice I never said what happened to Rook's? Can you imagine if Murray got hold of it? I mean, talk about control issues, right?

Plutonian Battle armor: The ancient Plutonian's were notoriously peaceful. They met most invasions (and there were a lot, you can imagine) throughout their short history with a ceremonial surrender and offering of gifts. Hence, Plutonian Battle armor is highly decorative and almost useless for any type of actual defense.

Sand Bears: The largest known species of Ursine in the Galaxy. The vegetarian Sand Bears are most likely the original original inspiration for the stuffed bear. Not that other guy.

Shadow Cats: ?? What the heck is that Zander up to now??

Sillus planktoniea (striped variety): A highly protected and terribly rare species of macro-plankton. About fist-sized, the S. planktoniea are incredible phosphorescent, but do not display the bio-electric ability of their smaller cousins. Native to Mercur Omega.

Sonic Emitter: A device that can produce a wide array of synthetic sounds and frequencies. It was originally invented as a musical instrument, but quickly deemed more effective as a deterrent or means of restraint.

Venusian house cats: Big, harmless kitties. Nothing to do with shadows, or with any place called "Eclipsis." 

Zander’s Xeno-Zoological Adventure: A "zoo" ran by Zander, cousin to Ignatius Superius I and full time liar, cheat, thief and drugger of ususpecting damsels.