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Updates from the Slugverse

Well, it's been a little while, and I can truly say that the hiatus has left me missing my story something fierce. Sure, I've been writing like crazy, hammering out a nano novel and the crowning installment of my trilogy and numerous other pre-holiday things.

But it isn't the same without my slugs. :-(

SO, I am going to bust my arse to get the opening installment of book two: Slug Opera up and running by Jan. Maybe or maybe not the first.
In the meantime, there will be an ebook, edited, revised and a lot prettier coming out for book one, and a print edition as well. Not by Jan. first, I can guarantee it.

I also promise to keep both of those as close to free as I possibly can. The print edition will have to have some cost involved.

However, it does have a glorious cover designed by my good friend and talented author, Jaleta Clegg. Want to see it?

good. Thar she blows....


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